Worst sex scene

I saw this post earlier when I was looking for some inspiration on my ‘sex scene’ that I’m currently working on for my novel, and I just had to share.
Some of them are hilarious
Such as;
“My nipples waved hello at him as he pulled down the cups of my bra.” – “Tracking the Tempest” by Nicole Peeler
“His man lance prepared for duty.” – “Naked Dragon” by Annette Blair


Some amusing lines I know not to use.



For all of those hoping to read a little more of the story, without me giving away too much information and hopefully inticing you to read more, here is an excerpt from my latest chapter 🙂

(any advice, suggestions, or mistakes, please feel free to mention them. I want to make my work as strong as possible)

Still he fought every instinct not to run in the opposite direction, his muscles aching as he pushed them harder, fighting against the wolf inside. Sweat gleamed on his skin under the moonlight.
He dodged and weaved through trees, easily maneuvering past the branches and trunks.
He leapt over a fallen log, his body erupting with black fur that shimmered dark blue in the light shining through the broken canopy of trees.
His bones and muscles rearranged themselves under his skin as he landed on four paws on the otherside. His canines grew into fangs, dripping with saliva, his blue eye glowing wildly as he searched his surroundings before taking off once again.
The tree’s started to become more sparse and the strong aroma of flowers and bushes tickled his nose. It hadn’t taken him long to reach Edwin’s.
His home wasn’t as large as the hunters place, but it was easier on the eye. The hunters bleached home had looked out of place in it’s surroundings. The grotesque iron fencing and tacky gargoyles making it look like something out of an old horror movie. Edwin’s home, the Guardians headquarters in this area, was natural, beautiful even. Every part of the building, from the exterior to the interior had been built by the Guards using only natural materials. Stone walls and wood panelling. Even the sofas and chairs had been sourced from the woods in the gardens and shaped by the carpenters. It had taken years for Edwin to even consider adding electrics to the house, but he couldn’t deny, it made life easier.
As Thane stepped through the backdoor, into the kitchen, he transformed back into his human self. The transition from man to beast, and back again, had never bothered Thane. From a young age, he had learnt to control the change with ease and as he grew older, the process became faster and less painful. Now, he could change in a matter of seconds, the feeling almost a pleasure.
He continued through the kitchen, helping himself to some of the food laid out on the table. A pair of jeans had been draped over the back of one of the chairs. Clearly, Edwin had been expecting him to stop by.
Thane entered Edwin’s study, brought there by the scent of apple and cinnamon; a scent everyone who knew the old man associated with him due to his obsession with the drink.
Thane was still pulling on his jeans, fastening the buttons when he spotted Edwin seated at his desk, leaning over a pile of papers.
“I take it Miss Shaw arrived home safely?” he asked, never bothering to look up from his work.
“No, Edwin. I left her in a ditch somewhere once I had my way with her-” Thane paused. “-Of course I took her home. I even waited for her to wake before I left.”

Happy reading 🙂


After making it a 3rd of the way through my edits, I decided I needed to go back and change some of the important information in my story.
Now, the characters (mainly my Heroine) have had a major revamp and the story has dramatically changed.
I’m hoping these changes, as well as my knowledge I have gained so far will make this chapter and the rest of the story much stronger 🙂

I’m hoping to add some excerpts from the book once I’m happy with the editing.
The first chapter I uploaded for you all to read a short while ago has already changed (hopefully for the better) so any excerpts are subject to change before release.

Thanks for all the feedback, advice and pointers to all those who have helped and supported me.

Another draft

For anyone who thinks that writing a book is easy. You seriously have another thing coming.
I’m probably now on my 6th draft of my first book and I’ll most likely need to do at least another edit before I get this book looked at properly.
I’m looking for someone to proof read my chapters and give me some feedback, unbiased please 😛 lol

2nd Draft

I’ve been making some fairly good progress with my book this last week which has really helped my motivation.
I’m hoping that if this continues, I shall complete my 2nd draft and all the revisions of chapters and layout by the end of the month, then I can go through and check all of my grammar, spelling and descriptions.
With a little help from CritiqueCircle, some brilliant friends, and all the advice from fellow romance authors on RomanceDiva’s, I think I finally have most of the information I need to make this a good book.
I’ll continue to get some of the chapters revised and hopefully soon, there should be no major mistakes which means I’m ready to think about publishing 🙂

Thanks you again for all your help you lovely people. I couldn’t have gotten this far without all of your support and advice


Autumn Rose by Abigail Gibbs

I thought the book took a little while to get started and hook my interest, but I put this down to it being wrote in first person. Most of the books and series I love are in third.
But like dinner with a vampire,  when I got past the uncertainty of first person and the story began to unfold, I found I couldn’t put this down.
Such an original concept of the world and multiple dimensions,  it was intriguing.
I love Fallon for his wickedness and his sly personality, but also his softer side when it came to Autumn. Autumn was a great character. Troubled and depressed after her grandmothers death,  fighting and struggling to move on. Her character was strong and vibrant.
Well worth a read and I can’t wait for the next book.


I’ve started a new board on Pinterest full of useful links and images for authors.

Varying from helpful descriptive words, to some points about writing certain content (as well as many other useful nit-bits)