Back in the game

For the past week or so I’ve been really struggling with my revision of my story, tweaking my chapters. Adding and removing parts and generally just polishing it all up ready to be looked at properly.

I’m pleased to say that finally I am back on board and I’m starting to get things done.
I don’t know what is was that was spotting me from being motivated. Stress, lack or time, anger, confusion or just being swamped with so much to do at once.
Now, after some advice from some lovely ladies (and gents) on as well as some useful advice and critiques from I am finally starting to work through my book once again.

After this short break and all the help and advice I received, I must say my second chapter is starting to shape up for the better.
So once again, diva’s and all those who critiqued my work, THANK YOU!

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